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MoodSwingr is a global social networking app. We built an app that allows the users to find activity partners around their locality and as per their mood.


Branding, UI UX Design & Development 



Own App



We designed & developed MoodSwingr application by kept in mind to incorporate capabilities, and ensure universal mobile device compatibility. We also wanted their website to poetry professionalism.  MoodSwingr Dating app has all functionality but to showcase the thought behind that and how it works; we designed the website.

As per app functionality, we knew we wanted large & beautiful images to play a big role in the website design. A mild semi-transparency cropped wide-angle shots allow featured images and opening text to shine.  We wanted to keep website as user-friendly as app, hence we kept Google play button so anyone can directed to download link.We left just enough room above the fold in order to encourage further down the page.

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